Locals shine in PE Festival

The early stages of the schoolboy rugby season continued at the Standard Bank Grey High School Rugby Festival on Thursday 21 March and Saturday 23 March, with schools from across the country travelling to Port Elizabeth to take part. From Makhanda; Graeme College, Kingswood College and St Andrew’s College would all look to make their mark in the prestigious festival of schoolboy rugby.

All three schools brought more than just their first teams to the festival, with U14, U15 and U16 matches also taking place on both days. The Graeme age-group teams celebrated with three wins against St Alban’s on the first day of the festival. This was followed by another perfect run of results, where all three of the Graeme age-group teams defeated the Parktown sides on day two. While the U15 A and U16 A matches were closely contested, Graeme U14 A dismantled Parktown to romp home a 43-0 victory, the highlight of their festival.

The St Andrew’s age-group sides faced some tough opposition on the Thursday, with the U14, U15 and U16 sides drawing, winning and losing respectively against St John’s College. The second day was not so kind to the St Andrew’s younger sides either, with only their U14 A team in action, St Andrew’s lost to Framesby in a 26-0 lockout.

For Kingswood’s age-group teams, the 2019 Grey High Festival will surely be one to forget as they lost all of their games on day one, with their only win coming on day two for the U14 A side. Their U14 A side ran out 12-26 victors over St John’s.

The main matches on both days were always going to be the first team matches, with the Makhanda sides doing arguably better on both days than their age-group sides had done. However, Graeme College’s first team’s luck was opposite to that of their age-group teams, as they were unable to register a win over the two days. Graeme Firsts lost out to St Alban’s in a closely contested match on day one, with only three points separating the two sides at the end of the match; Graeme lost by 10-7. Day two also saw the Graeme firsts on the losing side of things, this time being run over 10-34 by a powerful Marlow side.

For Kingswood and St Andrew’s, however, they will fondly remember the Grey High Festival, as both of their first teams were undefeated. St Andrew’s College whitewashed St John’s in their encounter on day one by 31-0, before moving on to their day two clash against Jeppe. In a titanic clash on Saturday, only one point separated the historic schools, with St Andrew’s earning a 12-13 victory over the Johannesburg school.

Kingswood closed out the festival with impressive wins in their two first team matches. Thursday saw their First Team dismantle their opposition from Parktown Boys’ High, running in fifty points to secure a 50-12 victory. They followed up this strong performance with an arguably stronger one against St John’s to earn a 35-8 victory on the Saturday.

The 2019 rugby season is shaping up to be another great one for local schools, and with both St Andrew’s and Kingswood’s first teams looking strong, the annual K-Day is shaping up to be a mammoth one in Kingswood’s 125th year.

Day 1 age-group results:

Graeme U14 A 24-7 St Alban’s U14 A
St Andrew’s U14 A 13-13 St John’s U14 A
Grey High U14 A 40 -0 Northwood U14 A
Selborne U14 A 44-5 Jeppe U14 A
Queen’s U14 A 17-0 Kingswood U14 A
Parktown U14 A 0-34 Hudson Park U14 A
St David’s U14 A 7-36 Muir College U14 A
Grey High U14 B 26-5 Stirling U14 A

Graeme U15 A 10-7 St Alban’s U15 A
Hudson Park U15 A 34-10 Parktown U15 A
St Andrew’s U15 A 31-27 St John’s U15 A
St David’s U15 A 36-5 Kingswood U15 A
Jeppe U15 A 27-12 Selborne U15 A
Grey High U15 A 36-32 Northwood U15 A
Queen’s U15 A 30-15 Muir U15 A
Grey High U15 B 21-12 Stirling U15 A

St Andrew’s U16 A 22-34 St John’s U16 A
Hudson Park U16 A 19-22 Parktown U16 A
Queen’s U16 A 31-14 St Stithians U16 A
Graeme U16 A 22-0 St Alban’s U16 A
St David’s U16 A 27-19 Kingswood U16 A
Muir U16 A 24-0 Stirling U16 A
Grey U16 A 27-19 Northwood U16 A
Grey High U16 B 45-15 Eezi Fana U16

The results from the first team matches on the opening day of the Standard Bank Grey High Rugby Festival in Port Elizabeth on Thursday were:

Hudson Park 24-14 St Benedict’s College
St Alban’s College 10-7 Graeme College
Framesby 54-10 Durban High School
St Andrew’s College 31-0 St John’s College
Queen’s College 46-24 St Stithians College
Selborne College 15-19 Jeppe Boys
Grey High 43-12 Northwood Boys
Woodridge 7-24 St David’s Marist Inanda
Stirling High 5-24 Marlow
Ithembelihle 22-24 Grey High Unicorns
Dale College 33-3 Muir College
Kingswood College 50-12 Parktown Boys

Day 2 age-group results:

Stirling U14 A 0-22 Woodridge U14 A
Northwood U14 A 0-52 Selborne U14 A
St John’s U14 A 12-26 Kingswood U14 A
Muir U14 A 24- 14 St Alban’s U14 A
Grey High U14 A 62-0 Jeppe U14 A
Parktown U14 A 0-43 Graeme U14 A
Brandwag U14 A 10-12 Hudson Park U14 A
St Andrew’s College U14 A 0-26 Framesby U14 A
St David’s U14 A 0-29 Queen’s U14 A

St David’s U15 A 5-34 Queen’s U15 A
Selborne U15 A 24-38 Northwood U15 A
Muir College U15 A 13-22 St Alban’s U15 A
Grey High U15 A 38-12 Jeppe U15 A
Stirling U15 A 24-0 Woodridge U15 A
St John’s U15 A 62-5 Kingswood U15 A
Parktown U15 A 7-14 Graeme U15 A

Stirling High U16 A 10-32 St Stithians U16 A
Selborne U16 A 42-21 Northwood U16 A
St John’s U16 A 47-5 Kingswood U16 A
Parktown U16 A 19-21 Graeme College U16 A
Muir U16 A 28-0 St Alban’s U16 A
Grey High U16 A 41-3 Jeppe U16 A
Grey U16 B 50-5 Woodridge U16 A
St David’s U16 A 0-17 Queen’s U16 A

The first team results from the second and final day of the Standard Bank Grey High Rugby Festival in
Port Elizabeth on Saturday were:

Queen’s College 27-10 St David’s Marist Inanda
Stirling 12-80 St Stithians
Parktown 5-43 Dale
Kingswood 35-8 St John’s
Jeppe 12-13 St Andrew’s College
Selborne 28-26 Northwood
Grey High 33-14 Durban High School
St Alban’s 22-0 Muir
Brandwag 22-19 St Benedict’s
Graeme 10-34 Marlow
Grey High Unicorns 36-0 Andrew Rabie
Hudson Park 10-61 Framesby
Woodridge 12-26 Ithembelihle

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