In addition to photography, I am also an experienced journalist and writer. What this means is I’m able to write content for your team, website or social media accounts, based off of interviews and briefs.

Contact me for bespoke article and text content, including, but not limited to:

  • Feature articles on players, staff, coaches, clients and more:
    • Included in this would be an interview or series of interviews with the subject of the written work, wherein all manner of vital information is gathered. Including quotes, testimonials from coworkers, teammates and more, and descriptions of the person in question, these sorts of written pieces of work are perfect for match programmes, website bios, brochures and more.
  • Event coverage article and Public Relations copy:
    • A written piece of content used to promote or publicise an event, speech, protest or social gathering, usually accompanied by a picture gallery. These can, but do necessarily require, comments from those in attendance, as well as interviews with organisers, bystanders, participants and more.
  • Journalistic articles for newspapers and online publications:
    • As an experienced freelance journalist, I am also well able to cover any news, feature, sport or other story that is commisioned.

As a sports journalist at Grocott’s Mail as well as Off The Ball, I have written a wide variety of sports reports, news articles and feature articles. These articles cover a wide range of sports, including running, rugby, bowls and even… frisbee? All of these articles that have been published can be found here…


As sports editor at Grocott’s Mail, and Multimedia Content Creator with Off The ball, I set up a series of articles written by freelance journalists, designed to help change how women are seen in sport. While attempting to change the narrative, I helped the writers of these articles in researching, interviewing sources and editing for these articles, as well as proving editorial support and ideas for the direction of these articles.


I am a man of many talents and interests. While sport always has been, and always will be, my passion, this has not stopped me from covering a wide variety of other events, news stories and articles. Here are these non-sport articles that have been published in Grocott’s Mail…