DCU Ladies Rugby Club vs Wicklow

DCU's Ladies Rugby Club lost out to Wicklow RFC in a highly competitive match on Sunday 10 November at DCU's Sports Campus. Wicklow lead 0-7 at half time, after putting in an immense defensive effort to hold DCU out of their tryline for most of the first half. DCU used the space out wide in … Continue reading DCU Ladies Rugby Club vs Wicklow

Making the EC SA’s sport capital

On Thursday 4 July, the MEC for the Department of Sport, Recreation, Arts and Culture (DSRAC), Fezeka Bayeni, addressed the Eastern Cape Provincial Legislature, detailing the 2019/20 MEC Policy updates for the coming year. In her speech, Bayeni set out the plans, goals and budgets for the Eastern Cape DSRAC, as well as detailed to what extent each of the various aspects of the department will be focused on the coming months.

Semenya struggle unites SA

While the majority of the country was swept up in election-fever, South African sports fans were outraged by the decision made by the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) and the Court of Arbitration on Wednesday 1 May, stating that athletes competing in the 800m sprints must be within a certain testosterone level to compete in women’s events. This directly affected Caster Semenya, who has naturally-elevated testosterone levels.

Wille back for third World Champs

Taryn-Maie Wille, an old-Kingswoodian currently studying in Stellenbosch University, will once again showcase her talent on the world stage in the Elite Cross-Triathlon World Championships in Spain at the end of April. While the ITU Championships will take place in Pontevreda, Spain, from 26 April to 4 May, Wille’s event, the Elite Cross-Triathlon, will take place on Tuesday 30 April.

What is a ‘woman’s’ sport?

This article was originally published by Grocott's Mail, in their print edition, on Friday 14 September, and then published online... BY SARAH CONNOCKON SEPTEMBER 19, 2018 COLUMNS, NEWS, SPORT The media recently has been filled with talk of Serena Williams, and many believe that her being a woman was part of the reason she was penalised so … Continue reading What is a ‘woman’s’ sport?

Karate women promote confidence

After what some might consider a late start to karate, Maureen de Jager has earned her third dan black belt, the prize for dedicating 14 years of her life to the discipline. “I wish I had started when I was a youngster,” said De Jager. “But I don’t believe that there is any time that is too late to start. Better start at 32 than not at all.”