One day left to catch GBS Mountain Drive 21km early bird!

There’s a day left to catch the discounted early bird registration for the GBS Mutual Bank Mountain Drive Half Marathon on 25 August. Organised by Rotary in partnership with Albany Saints & Sinners Multisport Club, the event’s first 200 entrants get a T-shirt. The first 400 get a goodie bag. Early birds who enter today or tomorrow also receive a Mugg & Bean voucher redeemable anywhere in South Africa.

Early bird entrants will receive a discount on their registration fee, which is currently R90 (for Athletic SA licenced runners) – early birds R80. For unlicenced runners, a compulsory temporary licence brings the total registration cost to R120 per person (R110 for early birds).

In addition to the savings, early bird entrants are rewarded for their preparedness with a Mugg and Bean coffee voucher that is redeemable at any Mugg and Bean across the country.

The first 200 entrants will be given a free T-shirt, and the first 400 entrants will receive a complementary goodie bag from the organisers. These incentives are not limited to early bird entrants, and will be available to people even after early bird entrance closes.

Register here:

There’s still time to train for the GBS Mutual Bank Mountain Drive Half Marathon – follow Grocott’s Mail’straining programme, designed by Terri-Lynn Penney.

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