Hero of the Week: Lwando Mtwa

Lwando Mtwa, a second year Rhodes University student, has recently been named in the Eastern Cape Pool side to take part in the South African U23 National 8-Ball Pool Championships. The event will take place  between 30 September and 5 October; with Mtwa joining two other Rhodes students (Kaylene Brown and Hope Prince),  in the five person EC team.

“Playing for team Eastern Cape is a dream come true to me,” said Mtwa. “I was born in this beautiful province and representing it means more to me than you can think, it means I should put it my total best to make people of E.C proud and to put us on the map.”

This is the first time that Mtwa has been selected for the provincial side, and he is grateful to his coach and teammates, who have pushed him to do well. “My coach, Keenan Valentine, confidently told me I’d make the team when I didn’t believe in myself. I should say that I couldn’t gave done it without his support and practice I got from him,” said Mtwa.

“I want people to be aware of pool as a sport, change their mindsets that pool is a tavern game, and see that it is a mental sport for gentlemen,” said Mtwa.

Mtwa is currently looking for sponsors to help him raise the funds that he needs in order to secure his place in the EC team.

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