GBS Mutual Bank event gets its logo-legs!

The GBS Mutual Bank Mountain Drive Half Marathon was announced last month as an all Grahamstown affair, with GBS Mutual Bank being named as the sponsor, and has just released their official event logo and branding. The race, which is set to take place on August 25, is being hosted this year by the Rotary Club of Grahamstown Sunset, and looks to bring athletes back to Grahamstown in what is a family-orientated fun day.

The Saints & Sinners Multipart Club are going to be providing  technical expertise and using its national network to bring runners back to the city with a vibrant, professionally run race.  Local service and networking organisations will be approached to  support and assist with the event. Schools are also being approached to assist, with Graeme College providing the start-finish venue.

As community media partner, Grocott’s Mail will keep our readers updated on the event both in our print edition and our digital platforms. Look out for Grocott’s Sport‘s special three-month training programme, starting from next week in our print edition, to get you to the finish to the best of your ability.

This training programme will be an intensive twelve-week programme, designed to train runners of all differing abilities to be able to run the 21km GBS Mutual Bank Mountain Drive Half Marathon and feel healthy and strong in the process.

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