Hero of the week: St Andrew’s Water Polo team

For the fifth time in its long and prestigious history, the St Andrew’s College first team took home first place in the 2018 edition of the Vides Water Polo Tournament. This achievement is notable considering that the side had  no fewer that seven Grade 10 pupils in the starting lineup.

Tracing its inception back to 1982, the Vides tournament is the oldest water polo tournament in South Africa. With teams such as Paul Roos, Grey College Bloemfontein and Grey High School participating, the tournament has never been short of  big names.

After winning the tournament, SAC captain Andrew Ramsden said, “winning the Vides tournament in my matric year was always one of my biggest schoolboy aspirations”.

Head coach David Mackenzie said the victory “was a very significant for this specific team. They have worked exceedingly hard to work their way into a position to compete at the highest school boy water polo level.”

Despite the massive win, the team continues to train hard; putting their all into every drill. With only 10 matches left in their season, the SAC first team are confident they can will least nine of them.

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