Buco 46 win Night Bowls

The 24th Pick n Pay Night Bowls tournament came to an end on Friday 2 March after Buco 46 continued their good knockout-stages form by defeating TAPS Inc in the final.

Buco 46 beat 3/4 Black Videotronic, Bad Boys in the knockouts before facing TAPS Inc in a evenly-matched final.

In the plate event, Knock Shop rose to the top, defeating Pam Golding Properties in the final, also on Friday. Their road to the final passed through St John’s First IV, Four Seasons and Pick n Pay.

The final standings of the 2018 Night Bowls have Buco 46, TAPS Inc, Operational Rats, and Bad Boys in the top-four four respectively. The plate event has Knock Shop 1, Pam Golding Properties 2, Makana Brick B 3 and Pick n Pay 4. Additional winners were: Most Spirited team – Just Property; Hardest Triers – GBS Mutual Bank 1; Friendship Award – Valley Crusaders; 4 Bottles wine – Settler City New Cars.

The Pick n Pay night Bowls tournament will return in 2019, for a 25th year.

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